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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
if he would give him leave, would bring Lord Bury5 with him. It happens that Lord Bury is nothing less than the Duke of Eichmond's nephew. The Duke, very properly, sent him word back, that Lord Bury might bring him, if he
I have been plagued all this morning with that oaf of unlicked antiquity, Prideaux6, and his great boy. He talked through all Italy, and everything in all Italy. Upon mentioning Stosch, I asked him if he had seen his collection. He replied, very few of his things, for he did not like his company; that he never heard so much heathenish talk in his days. I inquired what it was, and found that Stosch had one day said before him, 'that the soul was only a little glue.' I laughed so much, that he walked off; I suppose, thinking that I believed so too. By the way, tell Stosch that a gold Alectus sold at Lord Oxford's sale for above threescore pounds.
Good night, my dear child! I am just going to the ridotto ; one hates those places, comes away out of humour, and yet one goes again! How are you ? I long for your next letter to answer me.                                            /
Downing Street, April 1, 1742.
I KECEIVED your letter of March 18th, and would be as particular in the other dates which you have sent me in the end of your letter, but our affairs having been in such confusion, I have removed all my papers in general from
5 Q-eorge Keppel (1724-1772), Vis-     1761; Commander-in-Chief of expe-
count Bury, succeeded his father as     dition  against the Havana,  1762 ;
third Earl of Albemarle, 1754; served     KG., 1771.
in  the   army;  -was  the favourite        6 Grandson of Dean Prideaux; he
A.D.C. of William, Duke of Cumber-     was just returned out of Italy, with
land,,whom he attended at Fontenoy     hia son.    Walpole, and Culloden; Governor of Jersey,